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在 homesite 第二版的时候,建了 misc.Rmd 来记录遇到的 bug。一方面当时没时间写成 post,另一方面有些 bug 要过一天甚至好几天才有定论。

R source() can’t access system env variable (11/04)

In this situation, only the env virables in .profile can be accessed

Afterword: later I develop a way to set env variable both in .bashrc and .profile. This may alleivate the problem.

Windows ignores ~/.Rprofile

Windows is really a terrific tool to waste time.

For Git-bash, R -e "dirname('~')" gives “C:/Users”, so ~/.Rporfile gets ignored. (It seems that I have already found the latter point several weeks ago.)

bookdown path for html_dependency not found

Error: path for html_dependency not found: W:/program/lib/R/htmlwidgets/www

It may occur when you first build the book under Windows and then build the book under Ubuntu. Thus the R packages directory is changed.

The solution is to delete _bookdown_files/.

bookdown build pdf

tlmgr install lm fancyvrb framed titling ec xltxtra fontspec booktabs
tlmgr install collection-xetex

WPS from Ubuntu Kylin doesn’t work (10/31)

use WPS community version instead.

http proxy (11/01)

那时候从 GitHub 装 R 包巨慢,还经常把 RStudio 给卡住,就想利用我的翻墙代理。最后的方案是一律使用 Terminal (而不是 RStudio)。


But I don’t know why it doesn’t work in RStudido’s terminal.

RStudio indexing and diagnostics disabled (10/30)

Warning message:
File monitoring failed for project at "/path/to/work/RStudio/widget"
Error 28 (No space left on device)
Features disabled: R source file indexing, Diagnostics

Maybe you have too many files.

can’t change default Terminal (10/30)

When I open a application from Ubuntu MATE top panel, such as Vim, it uses xterm and looks really ugly. So I try to set the default ternimal and finally give up.

export TERM="gnome-terminal" doesn’t work

refer to man terminfo, ls /lib/terminfo and


  • .Rprofile 一定要以新行结尾
  • 干活前先看看你想的是不是对的1

  1. 有些二级域名的网站也可以不用 / 的,比如 pkgdown 的包们,为我修改十多个 apache .conf 的半小时默哀。 ↩︎