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Vim 虽好,但有一个问题,就是与其它程序之间的复制粘贴。当时很多程序的设置都是用 .md 保存,然后用 Vim 编辑配置文件。所以这个问题给我的早期编程生涯造成了不小的麻烦,尤其是那时候我经常重装系统。

Two selection


  • The clipboard selection is accessed using keyboard shortcuts, while application specific, these are most commonly ctrl+c for copying, ctrl+v for pasting and ctlr+x for cutting.
  • The primary selection speeds up the copying task by copying the text to the clipboard as soon as it was selected with the mouse, without the need for entering a keyboard shortcut. Pasting is triggered by pressing the middle mouse button (or some emulation of it).

Vim setting

There are two possible values for set clipboard=, unnamed and unnamedplus.

According to

  • On Mac OS X and Windows, they have the same effect, they both point to the system clipboard selection.
  • On Linux, unnamedplus is pretty much the same as above, while unnamed points to primary selection.

So, set clipboard=unnamedplus allows you to (1) ctrl+c in other programs and paste into Vim with p and (2) yank in Vim with y and ctrl+v into other programs on all three platforms.

You can also use set clipboard^=unnamed,unnamedplus to utilize both selection.

One step forward, VPS

Furthermore, I desire to access system clipboard via SSH.

Please refer to this answer.