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clusterProfiler introduction failed, 发布之日即是死亡之日

这篇旧博客写的本是一篇介绍 clusterProfiler 的文章失效的事,但我后来整理时回想起来我以前说过的一句话:

The day a research project is published shouldn’t be the day it’s dead.

Original post: use clusterProfiler as an universal enrichment analysis tool

But things allways change

  1. data link broke should be replaced by

  2. use tibble::as_tibble() instead of DOSE::summary()

    Warning message:
    In DOSE::summary(edn) :
      summary method to convert the object to data.frame is deprecated, please use instead.
  3. clusterProfiler::GSEA() failed

Following is updated code:

data("geneList", package = 'DOSE');
deg <- geneList %>% {names(.)[abs(.) > 2]};

agda <- readr::read_tsv('all_gene_disease_associations.tsv.gz');
disease2gene <- dplyr::select(agda, 'diseaseId', 'geneId');
disease2name <- dplyr::select(agda, 'diseaseId', 'diseaseName');

e <- clusterProfiler::enricher(deg, TERM2GENE = disease2gene, TERM2NAME = disease2name);


g <- clusterProfiler::GSEA(geneList, TERM2GENE = disease2gene, TERM2NAME = disease2name);