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stable GitHub user name and homesite url

我的 GitHub user name 变来变去,从 dongzhuoergitzhuoer,再回到 dongzhuoer1;连带着 homesite 的 url 也不稳定。下面是我以前写的一篇 post:

fix GitHub user name

I decide not to change my GitHub use name anymore, at least would be stable. Even I grab zhuoer luckily (the original user cancelled the account), I would create a link.

Even now, I would see some repository still set remote url to gitzhuoer.

make netlify stable

Actually I tend to make stable, but it suddenly doesn’t work. Anyhow, make stable shall not be too much extra overload. After all, Netlify’s service is quiet good.

  1. 该死的是有人已经抢占了 zhuoer,还一个 repo 都不建,给我多好啊。 ↩︎