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A lesson from blogdown, never manipulate something you haven't mastered unless it really pays back

Another afternoon is wasted. Maybe I just can’t help myself because I can get fun from fiddling with programming.

This time I try to customize blogdown:

  • First I want blogdown::serve_site() to use the same port I configured apache. However, it doesn’t work.
  • Next I want it to use Chrome rather than RStudido Viewer panel. But then it would open RStudio’s homepage.
  • Finally I try to prevent this and failed in the end.

Gradually, I get into wasting more time than what it promises to save. To make things worse, many times it doesn’t work so I can’t save any time. In fact, the Show in new windows in RStudido Viewer panel is already handy enough.

In conclusion, just accommodate to what you feel uncomfortable with, unless you are quiet familiar with it and able to change something.