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finally, apt doesn't waste my time




The problem of apt has trouble me for a long time. 我曾为此换到阿里云的镜像,但是不如清华的快。


Several weeks earlier, I found the problem root from 是自动解析,可能清华的镜像发现我是校园网,就以为我有 ipv6, 然而我并没有(此处鄙视南开校园网),所以就等、等、等 1,直到超时。

So the solution is to use instead of when you can not connect to IPv6 (Especially inside NKU_WLAN):

sudo sed --in-place=.bak 's/mirrors\.tuna/mirrors4.tuna/' /etc/apt/sources.list


Then I get into trouble when I handle docker mirror. That lead me to find a better solution:

sudo apt -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true ...

By the way, I successfully add deb repository for VSCode, slack, chrome, skype, sogoupinyin. Though it took me 2 hours and more, I thought update software automatically would benefit me a lot.


I think now I should have sloved the problem completely.

  1. 0% [Connecting to (2402:f000:1:416:101:6:6:178)] 
    Ign:6 artful/ InRelease