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everlasting battle with GFW

与 GFW 的战斗永不停息,下面是以前写的几篇 post。

1 2017-12-06 meet long-lost google scholar

A few days ago, I found I can’t access Google Scholar, but I was to busy to deal with it.

Now, I need to search papers about de novo RNA-seq assembly. So I feel urgent to use it. I search Google, and find many people talks about host, ipv6, etc. Not believed what they say, I decided to have a try:

vim /etc/hosts 1

# Google Scholar 

It turns out the method works! Now I can happily use Google Scholar again, although changing host periodically may be cumbersome.

Thank Google, as long as I can access you, there is still a help.

2 2018-05-01 Google resources reverse proxy

copied from here

A few days later (2018-05-09), caused a big trouble to me. A font didn’t exist on it, but did on Google.

I realized that the biggest problem with GFW is that it’s very hard, or better, impossible to find a universal solution. Shadowsocks may fail at times, reverse proxy may lag in synchronize, block may impair things I really need.

At least for now, Google Fonts has been completely blocked in my heart, following Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

  1. execute host on VPS to get the ipv6 address↩︎