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Use Docker to test R packages on Travis

1 Preface

Back to 11/30, I reach a conclusion: even using Docker to test R package can figures out excatly what the package needs 1, it doesn’t worths the time needed to develop such an approach 2, unless Travis broken again.

2 Beginning

Since yesterday, I began to organize my R package template.

3 Development

I add devtools to Suggests, then Travis CI failed. After debug, it says some packages are not available for R 3.5.1. That was very strange, since I use that version on my own computer.

After several trail, I got tried and decided to give up. I realized that debugging R on Travis is so annoying and time-consuming, so I’d better switch to Docker. 3

4 Climax

  • The biggest advantage is that it’s easier to have the same environment on remote & local. Good news are that I have already established how to use R Docker on Travis. 4

  • I can also separate install & test now, previously packages like testthat would interfere the install setp (unless cache has been clean). Although a single R version needs two jobs now.

  • Even more, I find using Docker is considerable faster: previous ~4m * 3, now ~2m * 3.

As for investiging excat dependency, forget about it. I learn it’s better to install all common system dependency 5, from the experience of from building bookdown in last week,

5 Afterword

Next morning, I tried using build stage, but find it not appropriate. Since the two jobs contain common install step, switch to build stage would need to repeat those 4 lines of code.

  1. even including system softwares, like libssl-dev.↩︎

  2. 太耗精力了,Travis 现成的 R 环境多好啊,还支持 OS X 和多个 R 版本。↩︎

  3. 真香↩︎

  4. The biggest challenge is to cache R packages↩︎

  5. rather than debug tons of times for each package↩︎