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install Utopia Documents, dependency is indeed troublesome

In the last section of Bioinformatics Challenges, at the Interface of Biology and Computer Science, Mind The Gap, the author recommands Utopia Documents, so I decide to install it (otherwise it should be quite hard to follow the book).

According the official guide, I add neurodebian’s repository to apt, but utopia-documents can’t be found.

Windows installer is fairly easy, so I consider to swicth to Windows to experience this software.

Then I search Google, from an answer for early version of Ubuntu, I try to install neurodebian. During the installation, a pop up asks me whether to add extra repository, and I choose “yes”. Thus the method seems same as above, and unsurprisingly failes.

Later, I search for .deb and find one. Looking at the long dependency list, I foresee the installation would fail. And it indeed, libpoppler68 is missing 1, I find a .deb; then python-imaging is missing, and I find another .deb. It won’t suprise me if a third package is missing, conversely, the installation succeed this time.

I can’t wait and try the software. Several minutes later, I get amazed by its functionality. All the effort pays.

  1. Quite puzzling, it comes from poppler 0.57.0-2ubuntu4 source package in Ubuntu, actually I try many times before figure out the right version, 0.57.0↩︎