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学过编程的人肯定都体验过特殊字符的痛,这里列一下以前写的几篇 post。

2018-01-05 sequence file

  • U will ruin mafft unless you add the --anysymbol option
  • * (stop codon) will corrupt muscle and PAUP*, you might consider replacing it with X

2018-01-24 Bash

R -e "rzhuoer::gitbook$css" should be R -e "rzhuoer::gitbook\$css"

2018-01-25 \d in sed

In GNU sed, \d introduces a decimal character code of one to three digits in the range 0-255. For example, to remove a tab you could do: sed 's/\d9//' (or 09 or 009) or replace some unprintable characters with spaces: sed 's/[\d1-\d31]/ /g'