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link to .md file on GitHub


Yesterday, when writing documentation for undergraduate thesis R packages, I wanted to utilize cross-link to improve readability.

In some place1, I wanted to add a link which can jump a specific text in :

`gds_result.txt`: click [here](
    Or query `("expression profiling by array"[DataSet Type]) AND "homo sapiens"[Organism]`
    in [GEO DataSets]( 

I tried for a while, found it’s not easy and endwd up with search gds_result.txt in here.


Today, I realize user won’t bother to select, copy, click, paste search, so I ’d better provide a link which user can just click.

Thanks to this doc, I wrote a url perfoming advanced search on GitHub: . It would query gds_result.txt repo:dongzhuoer/ filename:data.Rmd path:/R-raw. As you can see, by specifying repo and path, the url can precisely locate to the expected position. However, the display is just not what I desired. The lines following the displayed paragraph is collapsed in ... and you can’t expand it by click. After you click the file, you will just get a normal webpage (only display the head of the file), with no means to highlight the part I desired.

Then I try to link to specific line (range), but that doesn’t work either. On one hand, if I only specify line number, the file content may change in future and link to the wrong place; On the other hand, If I use permanent link, although the link is always valid, user can’t see the latest description of gds_result.txt.


In the final solution, I have to use the ugly syntax of <code id=gds_result.txt>gds_result.txt</code> and use #user-content-gds_result.txt to refer that anchor.

Desperately, it still doesn’t work, the page still not jump to that location after refreshing. When I am going to give up, I find it actually works if I open a new tab. The problem lies in refreshing: the page would retain the same position before.


Anyway, HTML tag isn’t elegant. I plan to tidy the structure of the file and add appropriate heading.

  1. Unfortunately I forget where it is when I revise this post on 2019-03-05. ↩︎