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old guide of installing texlive via ISO

Back to the days in Nankai, I got fascinated with installing system, but the network traffic was expensive, thus Tex Live became a big problem.

I figured out a solution, i.e., install texlive via .iso. In this way, I could download once, install many times for both Windows and Ubuntu.

After graduate, I return home. Network traffic is no longer a problem and I give a large partition (64G) to Ubuntu. Now apt seems to be the best way, it saves me a lot of trouble.

So I move the installing guide here, use on your own risk:

  1. mount texlive2016-20160523.iso
  2. ./install-tl --help
    to browser help instead of source code, install perl-doc
  3. export TEXLIVE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/texlive2016 ./install-tl -portable --repository
  4. move files to here and remove unneeded files (install-tl, install-tl.log, README, README.usergroups)
  5. enjoy
  6. remember don’t move texlive2016/x86_64-linux/bin to texlive2016/bin, otherwise texlive2016/texmf-local & texlive2016/texmf-var would move to opt/ i.e. out of texlive2016/. Becasue tlmgr in texlive2016/x86_64-linux/bin use relative path.